The Picky Chef 奄尖大廚

Margaret Fu 傅季馨

When it comes to cooking, Chef Margaret never settles for second best. She has exacting standards when selecting ingredients and every dish has to be perfectly cooked and presented. The Picky Chef's teaching methods follow the same rigorous criteria. Margaret is keen to enhance her students’ cooking skills and also develop their appreciation of what makes good food. Her aspiration is for her students to learn to cook with passion and create delicious experiences for family and friends.  

在朋友、同事或曾跟她學習廚藝的學員眼中,奄尖,已成了Margaret 的代號。Margaret 對個人的出品絕對奄尖,她嚴格挑選食材,烹調用具以至上碟容器,堅持做好每一道菜。課堂上,Margaret同樣奄尖,務求提高每位學員的美食鑒賞能力及烹調技巧,讓他們為親朋好友精心炮製美味佳餚。     

The Culinary Quest​  廚藝結緣路

Graduated from a professional cooking school in Vancouver, Canada with distinction. 


Trained for 2 years in a number of Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy. Returned to Hong Kong and spent 2 years cooking at the renowned Italian restaurant Gaia Ristorante.​

在意大利各米芝蓮星級餐廳當廚師學徒共兩年,領略到烹調意大利菜餚的精髓,自此與意大利菜結下不解之緣。​回港後Margaret 在著名意大利餐廳Gaia Ristorante 工作。

Joined Towngas Cooking Centre in 2003 and becomes one of its most popular cooking instructors. Since taking on the role of an instructor, Margaret has imparted to many students her own personal recipes, cooking tips and baking skills. In addition, she has shared her insider knowledge of Italian cuisine which emphasizes fresh, wholesome ingredients and healthy cooking.​

加入「煤氣烹飪中心」 擔任廚藝導師,廣受歡迎。十年來和眾多廚藝愛好者分享了多國菜式製作及麵包烘焙技巧的獨有心得,也介紹了意菜注重天然食材與健康烹調的特點。

Published cookbooks “Cook Pasta Like a Chef” (2009) and “From Easy Meals to Elaborate Feasts” (2012).​

出版烹飪書籍:  2009 年「跟大廚煮Pasta」2012 年「常餐饗宴」

Awarded the “Certificate of Proficiency in Italian Cuisine” in Italy in March 2013, having come first in the course examination, by the prestigious Academia Barilla which is renowned for its dedication to the promotion and education of traditional Italian cuisine. This award bestows on Chef Margaret the role of an ambassador of traditional Italian cooking and officially recognises her in-depth knowledge of Italian food. It is now Margaret's mission to share with food aficionados the complete experience of Italian cuisine.​​​​

2013 年3月再踏足意國,以第一名的優異成績考取由以推廣及教授傳統意大利菜聞名的Academia Barilla 頒授的 “Certificate of Proficiency in Italian Cuisine” 證書 。Margaret 對意大利菜的深刻認識正式得到認可,她亦成了傳統意菜的推廣大使,致力為更多美食愛好者帶來全面的意菜體驗。